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Bumbling Bert
Scott - Bumbling Bert

"Awesome. Very Funny. Kids loved it"

"Bert performed a 45 min magic show for my son's birthday party. He was AMAZING! He connected with the kids, including them in the show, made them laugh (along with the adults)."

"So great with the children!  Simply amazing show, great props given to all the children after the show"

"Everyone had been raving about your performance, both adults and children had an amazing time. Great great entertainment - it really made the party!"

The Gift of an Unforgettable Birthday Party

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Bumbling Bert - Childrens Party Magician

Robert Presswood & Scott Presswood:
The Heart and Soul of Bumbling Bert's Magic

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bumbling Bert, where every celebration becomes an extraordinary adventure of magic and joy. Whether it’s me, Robert, or my son Scott, bringing to life the character of Bumbling Bert, our performances are gateways to a world filled with wonder, laughter, and lifelong memories, perfect for audiences of all ages.

Since launching my magic career in 1988, my commitment to creating spellbinding experiences for families has been at the heart of everything I do. Residing in Mississauga, Ontario, and inspired daily by my children, I've embraced the role of a magician not just as a profession, but as a calling to spread joy and wonder. Scott, who joined me in this enchanting venture 13 years ago, has been pivotal in expanding our reach, captivating audiences in over 600 events annually.

But the magic doesn’t end there. As Professor Jamz, we ignite excitement with interactive DJ events for schools, transforming routine school functions into thrilling music and dance experiences. Discover more about these high-energy events at

To add an extra layer of fun to our repertoire, we offer Foam Parties as an exhilarating option. Perfect for birthdays and other celebrations, these foam-filled events combine the magic of our shows with the unique, bubbly fun of eco-friendly foam. Whether as a standalone attraction or paired with a magic show, our Foam Parties promise a frothy, unforgettable experience. Learn more at

At Bumbling Bert, Professor Jamz, and our Foam Parties, we’re all about creating magical moments. Our blend of magic, music, and foam-filled excitement ensures your special occasions are not just events, but cherished memories in your family’s story!

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Robert & Scott

Choose the Magic That Fits Your Child's Birthday Best! With our diverse event options, we're ready to make your child's next birthday a magical hit.

Not finding what you need? Fill out our form here or at, and we'll work together to customize the perfect party!

Note: Below packages are ideal for in-home celebrations. For larger events like Daycare, School, or Corporate gatherings, visit for more options.


Transform your child's birthday into a mesmerizing celebration with Bumbling Bert's 30-Minute Magic Show! Our enchanting performance is meticulously crafted to deliver not just magic, but a cascade of laughter and cherished memories. Every moment is designed with your child's joy in mind, ensuring an engaging, interactive experience that leaves both little ones and parents absolutely spellbound. Choose Bumbling Bert for a touch of luxury and a birthday that stands out as the highlight of the year.


Price: $320 + hst


Step up the excitement with Bumbling Bert's 45-Minute Magic Show – a longer, even more captivating experience perfect for your child's special day. This show is a delightful blend of awe-inspiring magic and non-stop humor, designed to keep the entire room buzzing with laughter and amazement. With an extended whirlwind of jokes, magic tricks, and interactive segments, Bumbling Bert ensures that every guest, young and old, is thoroughly entertained and engaged. Plus, each child gets a magic wand souvenir to remember the day’s enchantment!

Price: $380 + hst


Experience the pinnacle of party entertainment with our 90-Minute Ultimate Magic Show Package! This extravaganza kicks off with a side-splitting, awe-inspiring magic show, exclusive to this package. Watch as Bumbling Bert performs special illusions that are both astounding and hilarious, setting the stage for a party your child will never forget.

Dance Party Deluxe: As the magic show concludes, the excitement continues with an interactive, kid-friendly dance party. Bumbling Bert brings the beats with the latest child-appropriate music on a professional sound system, complemented by special lighting for indoor parties or bubble machines for an enchanting outdoor atmosphere. It's a whirlwind of dancing, laughter, and interactive fun led by Bumbling Bert himself!

The GIVE-AWAYS!!! This package doesn’t just entertain; it leaves each child with special memories to take home. It includes:

  • Magic wand souvenirs

  • Special glow giveaways

  • Fun glasses for everyone

Balloon Sculptures: And there’s more! With upbeat music in the background, Bumbling Bert creates delightful balloon sculptures, adding another layer of fun to the festivities.


90-Minute Ultimate Magic Show: For up to 25 kids Price: $490 + hst


Step into the grandeur of Bert & Ben's Grand Showtime Package, a two-hour spectacular celebration designed to make your child's birthday truly unforgettable. This package combines the magical talents of Bumbling Bert with the dynamic DJ and hosting skills of DJ Ben, offering an unparalleled party experience.

The excitement begins with Ben's live popcorn machine, treating guests to freshly made popcorn as they gather for the magic show. Bumbling Bert leads the captivating magic performance, with Ben's assisting, ensuring every trick and illusion is executed to perfection.

After the magic, the party transitions into a high-energy dance party hosted by DJ Ben. He'll keep the dance floor alive with kid-friendly hits, complemented by an array of dazzling light-up items and special effects, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere. Both Bumbling Bert and Ben will also showcase their balloon-twisting talents, creating fun and imaginative balloon sculptures for the little guests.

Bert & Ben's Grand Showtime Package includes:

  • Fresh popcorn made on-site

  • A collaborative magic show with Bumbling Bert, assisted by Ben

  • Dance Party Deluxe with DJ Ben, enhanced with light-up party favors and special effects

  • Balloon sculptures crafted by both Bumbling and Ben

Priced at $750 + hst, this package is the epitome of a grand birthday celebration, offering a rich blend of entertainment, treats, and interactive fun. Choose Bert & Ben's Grand Showtime Package for a birthday event that is not just a party, but a grand festival of magic, music, and joy, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Your complete loot

bag solution or amazing souvenir of a perfect party!

There is nothing mini about this MAGIC KIT!
Keep the party going with take-home tricks that dazzle!

Discover the Wonder with Four REAL Magic Tricks! Ideal for everyone aged 4 and up, these unique magic kits feature captivating illusions not available in stores. Each set comes in a beautifully designed box, complete with access to online videos for mastering the tricks. Pay only for what you need – a magical and educational addition to any party!

Magic Show First, Magic Mastery Next! Bumbling Bert dazzles with a show, then leads a 10-minute workshop where kids learn four high-quality, durable magic tricks. These aren't just fun activities; they're keepsakes. Each mini magic kit, a perfect loot bag alternative, ensures the enchantment lasts well beyond the party.

Only $7 each, they're a magical takeaway for your junior magicians!

Mini Magic Kit

A Sneak Peek of the Show!

Bumbling Bert
April 29th 2018

April 29th 2018

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www foamparty ca

www foamparty ca

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So much laughter (Bumbling Bert)

So much laughter (Bumbling Bert)

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Can't Find the Birthday Boy (Bumbling Bert)

Can't Find the Birthday Boy (Bumbling Bert)

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the best questions we've heard all day!

  • How do I book? What payment methods do you accept?
    1) Choose your preferred date & time by filling in my booking form. 2) We send your event quote outlining everything included in your program, the price and confirming the time/date/location details. 3) Approve the quote, provide any other details we may need to know, and select your payment option. *A $50 non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure your booking Deposits can be made by e-mail transfer, paypal, or credit card. The balance of the payment will be due at the performance - we accept cash or credit card. You'll receive confirmation emails leading up to the show for optimal event organization!
  • Are there two Bumbling Berts?
    Yes! We are a proud family run, small business. Bumbling Bert Senior Robert (Dad) has been entertaining for almost 30 years. Bumbling Bert Junior Scott (Son) is a vibrant and energetic performer who performs hundreds of shows annually. We book Bumbling Bert, Robert or Scott, but WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY and do not send out other entertainers. This is a fact we are very proud of and quite rare in our industry. If you are considering other options for your party, be sure to confirm who your entertainer will be in advance! If you're choosing Bumbling Bert, you'll be guaranteed top quality entertainment for your family. If you have a preference to book Bumbling Bert Junior or Senior, just mention at the time of booking. Most of our clients will choose either one interchangably based on our availability. Emily (Daughter) and Ben (Son) are buzzing around Ontario bringing the best in Dance Party fun!! One thing is certain, no matter which of us is at your event, you will be entertained beyond your wildest expectations!
  • My child is shy, and might not want to be the center of attention"
    We perform for kids. It is our joy to bring smiles to the faces of each child at your party! It is our unsurpassed professionalism and expertise that makes ALL of the kids feel celebrated, safe, comfortable, and entertained at the show. WE WANT THEM TO LOVE MAGIC!!! Each show that we perform is unique and each audience is different. After thousands of shows, we have learned to read kids, meet them where they are, create a joyous and inclusive atmosphere, and bring on the belly laughs!!
  • We have kids under 4 years old. Is that too young to enjoy the show?
    Our shows are generally geared towards ages 4 and up. That being said, we perform for hundreds of family parties, corporate events, libraries, day cares, 1st, 2nd, 3rd birthday parties... At these celebrations we're there to entertain everyone! Laughter and togetherness is for everyone! Please take tons of pictures and video to capture the magic!
  • How long do you need to set up before the show?
    Zero minutes! My show starts with meeting the kids right at the door! (Don't fret! This time is not included as the performance). Introductions are important, and spending time and visiting with the kids before the show is essential in forming a connection to make your performance memorable and fantastic! Once we've arrived, the fun has begun!!! Believe us, you'll be so glad - it's surprisingly hard to hold back an excited audience to wait patiently out of the room!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Since I would be turning away other potential bookings when you reserve your date/time, cancellations for any reason will forfeit the deposit. However, in the event of an emergency, you may re-schedule the show without any penalty and the deposit will be applied to the new booking (up to 60 days). Rescheduling is based upon my availability.

Are You Ready to Create Unforgettable Magic Moments?

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We’re excited to connect with you and respond swiftly to start planning your magical event.

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Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Aug 23rd 2017
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Bert December 1st 2018
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
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