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The Gift of an Unforgettable Birthday Party

"Awesome. Very Funny. Kids loved it"

"Bert performed a 45 min magic show for my son's birthday party. He was AMAZING! He connected with the kids, including them in the show, made them laugh (along with the adults)."

"So great with the children!  Simply amazing show, great props given to all the children after the show"

"Everyone had been raving about your performance, both adults and children had an amazing time. Great great entertainment - it really made the party!"

We're blushing - over 400 perfect authenticated online reviews from multiple sites and thrilled clients!
To see for yourself type "Bumbling Bert" into google!
BUMBLING BERT SR.: The Man Behind the Magic

Do you love the thrill and wonder of magic?  I always have.  I got my start as a socially awkward kid who was enthralled with magic.  I would save every penny to head to the Magic Store and buy great tricks to add to my collection.  I loved performing for family and friends!

As I got older, that wonder and thrill never left me.  You could say I was a magic-obsessed kid who didn't change much... just got bigger.  I still love performing as much today as I did then! I've owned my own entertainment company since 1988 and one thing remains the same: my commitment to bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of family and friends... but now they are YOUR family and friends.

I live in beautiful Burlington, Ontario with my lovely wife Paula and four fantastic children.  They think I have the best job in the world... and do you know what? So do I! 

Seven years ago, to no one's surprise who knew him, my son Scott expressed a passion and interest to follow in my footsteps.  These days, Scott and I book over 600 events a year,  to rave reviews! We had a super awesome summer with our Foam parties this past summer, and my Daughter Emily joined the team too! It's a dream come true to have a successful family business where we work side-by-side each day bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of children.  Each time we are invited to be a part of someone's celebration,  we feel honoured. Our programs are as silly and hilarious as a clown, but presented in a Magician’s attire. We have more rave reviews than any other entertainers because we’re GREAT at making kids and adults giggle!!!  Invite Bumbling Bert, (Junior, Senior or Emily!) to your next party... and you'll never want another party without us!

Scott & Robert Presswood
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Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Aug 23rd 2017
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Bert December 1st 2018
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Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
Presswood - Bumbling Bert
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With different event styles to choose from, we know we'll get it right for your child's next birthday party... 
Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Fill in my form and we'll plan a custom option together!
Packages below are for in-home birthday parties.
Daycare / Library / School / Company & other events,
please see our main web site

Supremely comical, silly and ultimately entertaining, Bumbling Bert's show always features dazzling magic and loads of audience participation! Bumbling Bert will have your guests utterly enchanted. Prepare for peals of giggles and gasps of wonder!

30 minute magic show

$250 + hst


The room will be filled with bursts of giggles and chortles of laughter as Bert shocks and amazes the entire crowd with this extended show whirlwind of jokes and magic. Supremely comical, silly and ultimately entertaining, Bumbling Bert's show always features dazzling magic and loads of audience participation! Bumbling Bert will have your guests utterly enchanted.  

45 minute magic show

includes magic wand souvenirs for all of your little guests

$290 + hst


The ultimate party package that checks all the boxes! This package starts off with a hilarious magic show that will bring the house down in giggles and amazement. It features special Awe-inspiring illusions offered only in this package. but this super amazing show is only just the beginning of this special party... 

Dance Party Deluxe

The conclusion of the magic show seamlessly draws the kids to their feet in an interactive, fun dance party just for them! Bumbling Bert has all of the latest Kid-appropriate music your guests will want to hear on a professional sound system. If your party is indoors, we bring along the special lighting to make the area colorful! If your party is outdoors in summery weather, we'll bring along a bubble machine - the perfect backdrop to your outdoor event! Bumbling Bert will lead the kids through some interactive dancing and keeps the silly fun to engage all of your little guests!



This is the only package to offer such a variety of entertainment for your guests and include special take home items as well!

* magic wand souvenirs

* special light up jewellery items (up to 40 kids)

* fun glasses for all

Balloon Sculptures

With the fun music still going, Bert wraps up the fun with balloon twisting!  

90 minutes Ultimate Magic Show

$390 + hst

Fun Glasses!
Booking for Spring / Summer 2020!
( It's a super foamtastic party!!!)

*outdoor only!*

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!!!!


We create the ultimate 4' high micro-bubble foam pit and then human beings of every single age play!!! It's an unforgettable experience!  This can be presented in backyards or big open areas. Our bubbles are safe for people, pets and the environment!

- 15 minutes for set up
- we require access to a water supply & power power outlet (within 50')

60 minutes

$350 + hst​


If the weather is NOT cooperating, we will exchange this program for our indoor glow-in-the-dark Dance Party!


Your complete loot

bag solution or amazing souvenir of a perfect party!

There is nothing mini about this MAGIC KIT!
Keep the party going with take-home tricks that dazzle!

Four REAL Magic Tricks!!


Fun for everyone age 4+

Unique items not found in stores!

All these baffling illusions come in a beautiful box!

& online videos to show the tricks too! 

Pay only for the amount you need!

Mini Magic Kit

Bert goes first: the magic show...  Kids go next: learn magic tricks workshop

Bumbling Bert will teach 4 wonderful magic tricks that your little guests get to keep! Your budding Magicians will be practicing these tricks long after the party is over.... And the best part? The box of tricks is a perfect Loot Bag from the party!  The tricks included in this package are high quality and durable - your kids will be transformed to junior Magicians in no time - They are going to amaze you!!

10 Minutes - $6 mini magic kits

A Sneak Peak of the Show!

Bumbling Bert
April 29th 2018

April 29th 2018

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www foamparty ca

www foamparty ca

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So much laughter (Bumbling Bert)

So much laughter (Bumbling Bert)

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Can't Find the Birthday Boy (Bumbling Bert)

Can't Find the Birthday Boy (Bumbling Bert)

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the best questions we've heard all day!



Simply fill in the form below and get ready for the BEST birthday!  We respond as quickly as possible!! 

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